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{Lyndsi & Sam} Wedding

February 1, 2013

I'm going to be playing catch up these next few posts. If you follow me on facebook, you might know that I haven't completely dropped off the face of the Earth. This past fall/winter has been incredibly busy! It's been great! And now I need to catch up!

Usually I like to add my commentary here and there, but for this post, hopefully the pictures will tell the story (there are like a gazillion, so I'd certainly hope so!)

I do have to say that I have become very close friends with this little family, Lyndsi in particular and I will tell you that she is just as beautiful a person on the inside as she looks on the outside! It was a beautiful wedding the end of September. The weather was perfect. The location (The Sweetheart Manor in Burley) was amazing. Everything was perfect. Perfect, happy, beautiful...

We didn't take very much time for portraits inbetween the ceremony and the reception. Lyndsi & Sam were able to do their bridal & formal (when it's the bride and groom) session literally the day before the wedding. I was able to edit the pictures that evening and get them printed so that they could be displayed around the reception. We were able to take the time to get great portraits at a great location with the best light and then we didn't have to worry about stealing away the bride and groom from their guests for some hurried shots while everyone was waiting. A formal session is definitely the way to go!

Best. Cake cutting. EVER!

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