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What to Expect

When you contact me to schedule your session we will discuss location(s) and styling for your pictures. If you have any ideas or requests for props please let me know! You can expect your session to be about one to two hours in duration. Also, if you would like wardrobe changes it is a good idea to wear layers.

What to Wear

First of all, these are your photos, so feel free to wear whatever suits you and your style. If you're anything like me, a few guidelines might help you on your way to selecting your wardrobe.

(Remember, these are just suggestions! Sometimes breaking the "rules" can make for great portraits too!)

-In group shots think coordinating, not necessarily matching. White or black shirts, or everyone in the same shirt but different colors and jeans or khakis is certainly classic (and definitely okay if that is what you want!) but I find it more modern, fun and artistically pleasing when everyone is wearing something different but in the same coordinating color scheme. Here are a couple of my family pictures as an example:

A good starting point is to find an outfit for the hardest person first. In my family, that’s me. ;) I liked my striped yellow shirt that I already had because of the gathering on the neckline (for texture) and the fit. It gave me some form but didn’t cling to my waist (a flattering idea for almost everyone, no matter your shape!) I then bought a pair of long white shorts and some funky shoes to show off my glitter toes. I then found an outfit for Clara that I liked. It was cute, but not super formal, and had some fun texture worked into it. From that our color scheme was born: Yellow, white & gray. I then bought Dennis (I think men are the easiest and cheapest to find clothes for) a nice yellow tee shirt and dark gray shorts. Clara did have a yellow flower in her hair and white shoes that we already had, but she took both off after the first couple of pictures. I also borrowed a gray shrug from my sister for texture and layering purposes, wore jewelry I already owned and a dark gray undershirt to tie in my husband’s dark gray paints into the ensemble. All in all I probably spent $50 on wardrobe for this shoot, and everything I bought we will wear again and again so I think it was very much worth it! Wear a mixture of things you already have, things you’ve borrowed, and buy a few things that you will wear again!

Now back to some more tips:

-In group shots wear similar styles and a similar level of formality.

-Avoid logos, and text that detract from the main focus (the face!) However, I’m not of the old fashioned way of thinking that patterns are bad. I actually think they can be fun and add some great texture.

-Pay attention to details (Are your shoes clean? Girls, Are your nails painted? Men, is your facial hair groomed?) Lots of times these little details will show up in photos!

-Accessories (hats, scarves, necklaces, belts, parasols, etc.) can be a fun addition to your photo shoot. I LOVE it when clients bring their own accessories and props to a shoot.

-Most importantly, dress for the weather! Cold weather clothing makes for just as great of photos as warm weather clothing. Comfortable children make for better pictures, so don’t insist that your little one wear a sun dress when it’s snowing outside!


Within a few days of your session, I will post a preview for you on my Fotografia facebook page. The images on my blog may be watermarked, but your images will be watermark-free!

Within 2-3 weeks after your session I will have the best high-resolution images edited and placed on a disc. You will also be given a print release on the disc so that you may print as many as you'd like from wherever you'd like, email them, share them on facebook, etc. I only ask that you do not edit them (cropping of course is okay!) Rush editing is available, but please let me know if this is the case when booking your session.