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Archive for March 2012

{Mine} 2 Years Old

March 31, 2012

"Hey Clara... How old are you?"

 She's actually a month shy of 2 years... But her sister will be making her debut soon and I needed to be sure I got a few pictures of her (because she doesn't get her picture taken enough, you know ;-)

Do you notice all of my fun new backdrops? I LOVE THEM!
...They'll also be available in the etsy shop soon. :)

 I can't even tell you how much we love this spunky little girl... Even if it took a whole bag of jelly beans to get her to pull out all these poses!

{Prom} 2012

March 30, 2012

My youngest sibling just had his Senior Prom...
I think I may be tearing up a little bit (probably because I feel so old!)

These guys were such characters!
I bet you didn't know that Mitt Romney was a part of their prom group...

My brother and his beautiful girlfriend...

 I am SO JEALOUS! I always wanted to go to a masquerade dance. Don't they look great?!

Nicole made Dylan's boutonniere... With spoons!

And my favorite picture from the day. :)


March 28, 2012

Whitney was one of my dancers... Fabulous to coach, and fabulous to take pictures of... On her 17th birthday no less!  You would never know how absolutely freezing and miserable it was just by looking at you. ;-) 

I hope you had a very happy birthday!