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7 Month {Sophia}

August 17, 2011

Sophia is another sweet little half-year old that I got to take pictures of when she was younger. Can she seriously get any cuter?!

I loved all her faces.

She's going to be crawling any day now...

And I think she wants to be on one of my cheer squads.

I love babies in hoodies. Ahh!

"We're number one!"

This might be my favorite picture. Ever. What a doll!

And a little photoshop magic...

Seriously, I need to stop taking pictures of all these ADORABLE little babies! Mine's growing up way too fast... It makes me want another!

{Brock & Whitney} Engagements

August 16, 2011

...There was a princess who found a frog

She gave him a kiss...

...And he turned into a handsome young prince!

...He asked her to marry him

...And gave her a pretty ring

...And she said YES!

They were both very excited.

...They set a date for the 9th of June

...And they lived happily ever after.

 But that's just the beginning of this love story...

Baby Natalie

August 9, 2011

I just love Newborn sessions! They are up there on my list of favorite things to take pictures of. They are just so sweet and perfect, and just all around beautiful reminders of our creator's perfect love for all of us.

Natalie was just a sweetheart and was a perfect little model!

Baby smiles! :)

...And look at those bright big eyes!

...And tiny precious toes

She even was even game for the owl had I made for her the night before.

More smiles. :)

Her momma is so pretty. I cheered with Katey back at McCall-Donnely HS! She's one of the few friends I actually get to see every once and a while! I just love this picture.

...And I can't decide if I like color or b&w more. So here's both.

And big sister got a couple of pictures too.

Just a couple though...

...She and Clara were too busy serenading us with their piano duets.

Katey- I love you and miss you and was so happy we got to spend the afternoon together! Your family is so beautiful and I can't wait to see you again (and maybe get a few more shots of Maddi! ;)