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Photography Blog Circle {Motion}

March 20, 2015

YouTube link here.

I chose the theme this month knowing it could be interpreted in many diverse ways. I thought about long exposures, freezing motion, a composite image... but I actually didn't settle on how I would interpret it until my girls begged and begged to make a YouTube video (are anyone else's kids totally obsessed with those videos of people opening and playing with toys?!) but I talked them into doing a stop motion video.

I had a lot of fun with this and it was a relatively simple project to complete. However, I do wish sometimes that I wasn't a procrastinator and wait until the night before the due date to even start on something... We ran outside with a few minutes of light left, dinner waiting and getting cold on the table, and shot these sequences all in about five minutes. I wish I would've not been so rushed as to actually check that my shutter speed wasn't so slow- many of the images were more blurry than I'd like- but alas, I was hungry. ;-) It was a fun project nonetheless and I think I'll do it again for sure!