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Senior Pictures {Dylan}

January 2, 2012

It's just not okay when your youngest sibling gets all grown up and graduates from high school. Dylan and I were pals as kids. We both loved books and nerdy sci-fi movies and building stuff. He'd love to take clocks apart and build robots, and his favorite toy was duct tape. If I ever needed a favor he would always be willing. He'd even watch muppets with me when no one else would.

Now one of his favorite things is to use words that nobody knows just so he can be mysterious and frustrating. ;-) But seriously, I don't know many people that are as smart all just around great as he is, and artistic too! He's just one of those guys that's great at everything. (Doesn't that just drive you crazy?!)
He's got a lot of decisions ahead of him, and so many exciting opportunities in the near future.
Go class of 2012!

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