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7 Month {Sophia}

August 17, 2011

Sophia is another sweet little half-year old that I got to take pictures of when she was younger. Can she seriously get any cuter?!

I loved all her faces.

She's going to be crawling any day now...

And I think she wants to be on one of my cheer squads.

I love babies in hoodies. Ahh!

"We're number one!"

This might be my favorite picture. Ever. What a doll!

And a little photoshop magic...

Seriously, I need to stop taking pictures of all these ADORABLE little babies! Mine's growing up way too fast... It makes me want another!

One Response to “7 Month {Sophia}”

  1. Oh my goooodness!
    These have got to be the cutest pictures on the planet!
    Awwww this babies is sooo adorable!



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