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Photography Blog Circle {Bokeh}

December 15, 2014

This is the second month of our photography blog circle. The topic this month is bokeh... Those lovely blurry, out-of-focus parts of a picture. I just found out in Japanese it literally means "blur." Makes sense. :) Of course I had to take advantage of my Christmas tree for this one...

I have this picture of my daughter from when she was 6 months old (2 years ago) and I wanted to recreate it...

This is as close as it got! Haha... Photographers' children aren't always the most cooperative models. ;-)

 But I did get this fun shot of her. :)

This mug is actually blue, but I thought green would be more festive!

Now hop on over to Jessie's Blog and follow the links around the circle!
Merry Christmas!

One Response to “Photography Blog Circle {Bokeh} ”

  1. Beautiful as always, Alea. And I'm dyyyying over your winter wonderland set up and pictures of your girls. We need to get together and play when Christmas is over!


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