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A Dream Wedding {Staci & Caleb}

March 25, 2014

Now that basketball season is over (I'm the cheerleading coach at the College of Southern Idaho- I just returned from a 20-hour (one way) bus ride from Kansas for the NJCAA Women's Basketball National Tournament) I hope to go back over this past year and share some of my favorite sessions that I didn't find the time to post before.

Staci & Caleb might possibly be my favorite wedding to date for many reasons...

  • I cheered with Staci in High School and absolutely adore her. Her mom and my mom are best of friends.
  • Staci was my own wedding photographer and I am ever grateful to her for doing such a wonderful job!
  • It was a beautiful day.
  • Every detail of the wedding and reception were straight out of my dream wedding board on pinterest. I know I've already had a wedding, but mine was in January. It's just not the same. 
  • They looked so incredibly happy. It just melted my heart. You deserve to be so happy, Staci!

wedding first kiss

I love you two! Such a happy day!!!

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