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Wright-Legget Family

February 28, 2012

I realize that February is not mother nature's ideal time to take family pictures. Sometimes she makes things a little difficult... but this beautiful family withstood the cold and wind (gotta love Idaho) to get some family shots before Chase left on an LDS mission to Australia.

Huddle for warmth!...

Julie- you're beautiful. Your name can't be mentioned in a conversation without something being said about how absolutely gorgeous you are! And then you find someone as handsome and gentlemanly as Brad... Holy cow you are a good-looking couple!

I love you guys! And Chase, I hope you have an amazing experience down in the outback.
I'm excited to hear how things go for you in that vast, beautiful country.

...Later I'll have another post featuring the beautiful Whitney, so check back soon.
She was nice enough to model for me... and on her 17th birthday no less! Happy birthday girl!!!

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  1. Alea! These are just beautiful :) Thank you for taking the time to capture the personality of each of my family members. I'm so happy with the pics you took. The will bring smiles for years to come. Love you so much! - Julie


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