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May 19, 2011

She's not afraid of a little rain! We debated on postponing the session since the rain was really coming down, but once she decided we'd try some, even if we got a little wet, the clouds decided to hold back for a few minutes... Just long enough to get some AMAZING shots!

I LOVE her eyes in this one!

Fly like an Eagle... Hawk... Whatever that bird thing is up in the sky!
I didn't even realize it was in the background until I got home and looked through the pictures again. Sweet!

We found a patch of dandelions... Thought it would be cool to get some "action" shots... Apparantly wet dandelions don't work...

Gabriell, you were such a trooper for being willing to run around and lay in all the wet and mud. You are SO BEAUTIFUL and it was all SO WORTH IT! Congratulations graduate, class of 2011!!!

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