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On a windy day

February 1, 2011

It was a beautifully warm (warm for January) but windy day! Of course, as soon as the session was over the wind died down. I love Idaho.

I grew up going to church with this beautiful girl. Both of our families moved away, but now we're back! We must really love this windy place.

 And this sister and my sister were good friends. They'd spend weeks of the summer at each others' houses, even after we moved. I think it's also cool that they both are newlyweds. (Congrats!) I am excited to get to take pictures of their whole family.

The wind was our friend in this picture... It made for a great model look!

I love her smile.

And this little one is so stinkin adorable I just can't get over it! She waved at me the whole session.

You can't take pictures in Centennial without using the lane of trees.

I love this family! Thank you for letting me take your pictures, and thank you for your contribution to help Logan fight cancer! I can't wait to get some more with the whole fam!

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