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Logan Update

January 23, 2011

This was recently posted by Logan's mom on the Support Logan Tingey facebook page:

"So we're starting to get ready to leave to Portland on monday. Logan has an examination under anesthesia on tuesday morning, where he'll have laser treatment, followed by quimo.
I'm hoping the tumor is gone and Logan doesn't have to get more quimo. Well if he needs it, it's ok as long as the tumor is dying. Well, last time we were there, the Dr. (who is such a great guy) said the tumor was shrinking and shrinking away from the optic nerve which is wonderful, so I'm hoping the tumor is gone. But we'll see what happens.
Thanks for keep praying for Logan, I have no doubts that prayers are being answers. Thanks everyone for your care and support."
I believe this will be his third trip to Portland for treatments, and hopefully his last quimo! Thank you to everyone that participated in Photos to Fight Cancer! Logan is amazing and he is the toughest little boy I know! I've got a few more sessions to post pictures from, so check back within the next few days. :) I'm really excited about how they are turning out!

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